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Monday, October 8, 2018

Spinnery Adventures

You never know what sort of fiber will be sent to a fiber mill... until you work in one.

It has truly been exciting to work with a variety of fibers. Mohair is so silky and fun. Cashmere is challenging, but the end result is lovely. Llama is more coarse, but it has so many uses! Every variety of sheep has unique wool. And, of course, there is the variety of huacaya and suri fiber we so love.

And then there are the unusual fibers! Can you guess what they may be?

Well, we have actually turned synthetic fiber into yarn. Not unusual, but perhaps unexpected. And then there was the dog hair. Yes, the mill did smell like wet dog for a while! But perhaps the winner was musk ox. It was amazingly, incredibly soft!

Keep sending is your fibers! We love the adventure.